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The Interbranch Commission implements recommendations from the Report of The Pennsylvania Supreme Court Committee on Racial, and Gender Bias in The Justice System. View the Report


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  • Commission member Helen Casale authored an article in a recent edition of the Philadelphia Bar Association's publication Upon Further Review concerning the recent overhaul of the Pennsylvania custody law. The article can be found on the Philadelphia Bar Association's website at
  • Executive Director McCormick published an article in the Allegheny County Bar Association's December 17, 2010 edition of its Legal Journal, entitled "WLD Creates TAPS:  Everything You Wanted To Know But Were Afraid To Ask".  The article relates to the creation of a special resource repository ("TAPS") on the bar association's website, with articles, studies and other resources of assistance to female attorneys. The resource directory can be found on the Allegheny County Bar Association's website at and the article at